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Cambridge Mineral Resources Plc is a junior mining exploration and development company founded in 1992. Our main focus is the Iberian Pyrite Belt in southern Spain where we are investigating the Masa Valverde copper-zinc deposit near Huelva in conjunction with a major mining and commodity trading group. We are also evaluating a number of other mining projects in Andalucia.

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Chairman's Blog 23 February 2014
At Masa Valverde the new project management company is already embarked on preliminary activity on the ground, including infrastructure and preparation for the new drilling program. The first meeting of the Board of the project company is to be held in mid-March, and Jose Navalon will be attending this as CMR’s representative.

In my previous Chairman’s Blog (10 January 2014), I advised shareholders that CMR planned to expand its portfolio of mining interests in Andalucia, southern Spain, by acquiring further concessions, which would have shorter time-frames to permitting and production. I am therefore pleased to announce that we have signed a three year option agreement with the first years payment made; to acquire the Romerito group of 11 mining projects in western Andalucia. CMR’s technical team are of the opinion that the mineral resources at the various concessions should prove to be highly attractive and they are already drawing up a drilling programme. CMR will benefit significantly from the exploitation phase, which is planned to be in 2017. A press release with further details on these projects will be issued in the next few days.
The board and its advisors have just completed a further management and fact-finding visit to other potential concessions in Andalucia. I shall post further blogs regarding these.

Romerito and Masa Valverde are both significant parts of the Board’s plan for CMR, and already we are confident that the efforts of the directors involved in these developments, both in London and in Spain, will be bearing fruit in the foreseeable future as the company is close to completing its regional plan before moving into the next stage taking it into production.

I would also like to advise shareholders, investors and any other interested parties that CMR has finalised a complete redesign of the company website. I hope that this will be a useful addition to the efficiency of CMR’s communication procedures in the future.
Please continue to visit our website on a regular basis as there will be further significant updates posted for your information.

23 February 2014

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